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Tips To Get Your Message Right…

50 Words Getting Your Message Right
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Introducing “50 words” – where Message Partners share their point of view, a piece of advice, or a tip for success.

Brianna Gavio:
Consult end users, even just two or three people. We are steeped in health and policy, so we usually have an accurate sense of what will resonate with a particular audience—but talking with them can reveal nuances we hadn’t considered. It makes messages that much stronger.

Melissa McGue:
To get your message right, you’ve got to truly think about what your audience wants to hear. What motivates them? What’s going to resonate? It’s only when you understand your audience that you find success. And of course, you’ve also got to test, test, test!

Mike Warner:
Start by answering simple, important questions: What am I trying to accomplish? How I am I uniquely qualified to accomplish my goal? Who am I speaking to? What do I have to offer them? What do I want them to do? Once you know the answers, you have your messages.