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2017 Calendar - Washington DC Public Relation Firm
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WASHINGTON, DC— McCabe Message Partners, a DC-based public relations agency focused on health and the issues that affect it, kicked off the new year by announcing several new clients.

The nonpartisan firm launched in June 2016, led by agency veteran Patrick McCabe, an expert in healthcare communications who co-founded GYMR Public Relations, which ended business last May after 18 successful years.

“We’re delighted to be working with new client partners who are actively engaged in improving health and the way healthcare is delivered,” said Mike Warner, a senior vice president at McCabe Message Partners. “Whether it’s talking about important health policy changes, or creating opportunities to empower people to become healthier, we share our mission with clients who work on meaningful issues.”

A sampling of new clients added in the last quarter of 2016 include:

  • BUILD Health Challenge—for supporting partnerships between community organizations, hospital systems, and health departments to target social determinants of health in communities nationwide.
  • Community Oncology Alliance—for advocacy materials that inform policies to ensure cancer patients receive quality, affordable, and accessible cancer care in the communities where they live.
  • Healthcare Leadership Council—for strategic communications support of two coalitions charged with promoting improvements to the nation’s Medicare program.
  • LeadingAge— for developing and placing content in support of the organization’s policy agenda.
  • Princeton University—State Health and Value Strategies—for outreach to state policy leaders about innovative ways to improve quality, and potentially lower costs, of government-funded health programs.
  • Yale University—Patient-Priorities Care—for communications support of a new approach to medical care that emphasizes patients identifying what matters most to them in their health and their healthcare.

McCabe Message Partners provides a full range of communications services, with specialties including media relations, message development, strategic communications planning, meetings and events, policymaker outreach, stakeholder relations, and other skills.

Mike Warner
Patrick McCabe