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Melissa McGue

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Melissa finds answers.

Senior Manager

Melissa McGue Account Coordinator

A stickler for details, she sees communications planning as similar to putting together all the pieces of a puzzle to form a clear picture. She loves conducting the research needed to develop smart communications strategies, digging through information to discover insights or tools that help us create and implement winning tactics. Melissa executes pre-implementation projects such as identifying the most relevant reporters, policymakers and stakeholders to reach, as well as post-implementation analyses that help us quantify results and assess what’s working.

She joined our team in 2015, having previously interned at both a boutique PR agency and a firm specializing in radio outreach. She currently works with several philanthropic foundations, assisting with grassroots efforts designed to improve early childhood development, wellness, education and healthcare delivery.

Melissa has an undergraduate degree in Public Communication and Business Administration from American University. In her spare time, she likes to peruse bookstores, sew and explore cities.

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