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      Gwendolyn Tom

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        Gwendolyn thrives helping others.

        Account Manager

        Gwendolyn Tom Washington DC PR AgencyGwendolyn Tom believes in instilling widespread change through the power of connections. She offers jack-of-all trade assistance to members of the team and fosters diverse partnerships with a variety of organizations, from grassroots nonprofits, to healthcare policy coalitions and national foundations. She enjoys providing clients with targeted communication strategies to effectively disseminate their message and engage their audience.

        Gwendolyn joined McCabe Message Partners in 2016. She currently works on a project that supports community health interventions in low-income, urban neighborhoods through upstream innovation. She devotes her time to advocating for her clients’ projects to the media, drafting content for social media marketing campaigns, and conducting media tracking and audits.

        Gwendolyn has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from American University. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she has an avid interest in international travel, and spends her time exploring the national parks, climbing rocks, and baking.

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