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Gwendolyn Tom

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Gwendolyn thrives helping others.

Senior Manager

Gwendolyn Tom Washington DC PR Agency

Gwendolyn believes widespread change can be achieved through the power of connections. She fosters diverse partnerships with a variety of organizations—from grassroots nonprofits to healthcare policy coalitions and national foundations—and enjoys devising strategies that effectively disseminate messages and engage audiences.

Gwendolyn joined McCabe Message Partners in 2016. She effectively crafted and launched a patient safety behavior change campaign on behalf of a coalition of healthcare companies, coordinated media requests for infectious diseases experts during the COVID-19 pandemic, and managed communications for groundbreaking Alzheimer’s trials. Adroit at leading campaigns from inception to implementation, she keeps all the trains running with a focus on metrics and tangible success.

Gwendolyn has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health from American University. A native of the San Francisco bay area, she has an avid interest in international travel and spends her time exploring national parks, climbing rocks, and baking.

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