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Frank Walsh

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Frank is an advocate at heart.

Senior Director

Frank Walsh Account DIrector

Frank Walsh has spent his career learning the ins and outs of issues and communicating how policies, causes and campaigns impact the lives of different constituencies. Frank has a special talent for explaining wonky health policy topics in ways that capture the real-world implications and that align with the client’s goals.

Before joining the team in 2010, Frank worked in the trenches on political and issue-oriented campaigns. He now puts the same tenacity to work at McCabe Message Partners, figuring out which reporters are covering our clients’ issues, whether they write for The New York Times, Politico, Modern Healthcare or the Dallas Morning News. Clients can count on him to understand their content and craft pitches that consistently result in coverage.

Frank has undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Sociology from Indiana University. He spends his spare time going on adventures with his wife and their Australian Shepherd mix, Nessie.

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