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Denton Baird

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Denton always finds a solution.

Account Manager

Denton Baird enjoys finding solutions. With a flair for both technical and creative problem-solving, he is adept at helping clients navigate complex and murky waters.

Since joining the team in 2016, Denton’s executed countless webinars, developed websites, planned conferences, and overhauled the agency’s ad performance tracking. An expert in digital marketing, Denton works tirelessly to test and optimize campaigns, ensuring clients get the most value out of every dollar.

Denton leads several efforts for McCabe Message Partners, including work advancing health policy by delivering key resources to state-level policymakers; positioning specialty societies’ strategic campaigns; and sharing the stories of those who’ve benefit from Medicaid at critical points in their lives.

Denton joined McCabe Message Partners after a variety of roles within the non-profit sector, most recently at the Duke Endowment. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Davidson College. In his spare time, he captains an ultimate Frisbee team.

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