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Showing how hospitals improve

Hospital improvement requires an active board, a committed CEO and dedicated clinicians to carry out changes. We put on our reporter’s hat to tell the stories of 20 diverse hospitals in visually compelling ways.

Hospitals nationwide are working hard to improve their care. We showcased the work of 20 of them—through videos and magazine features—to show how they are transforming the quality of the care they provide.

Before we showed up at a hospital’s front door, we interviewed their CEOs, nurse leaders and front-line staff to understand why they needed to improve care, what changes they made and how those changes led to quantifiable improvements. We developed storylines that took us to operating rooms, intensive care units and labor and delivery departments to ‘show’ rather than just ‘tell’ the stories of improvement.

The resulting products serve as useful ‘how-to’ examples to hospital peers, and helped secure our client’s continued participation in the federal ‘Hospital Engagement Network’ program.


American Hospital Association