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Raising awareness about long-term care

We’re putting concerns about delivering and paying for long-term care front and center before policymakers, media and engaged consumers. Action on these issues is vital. That’s why creating awareness is so important.

Raising awareness about long-term care

More than half of us who reach age 65 will someday need a high level of help with everyday activities. No matter how much we save, we likely won’t be able to afford the care we want and need. Since 2012, we have supported The SCAN Foundation’s work on ensuring care for aging people is person-centered; promoting action on financing long-term care; and explaining ways that the needs of the most vulnerable seniors can be addressed.

We have secured national press coverage on issues too long ignored by major media. We’re helping to elevate long-term care financing through perfectly timed op-eds, blog posts in nationally recognized outlets and well-attended media events. We even produced an emotionally gripping long-term care video that received rave reviews.

Influential reporters now routinely call on our client to provide insight on aging issues and national stakeholders look to them for national and grassroots leadership.


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