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Promoting life-changing medical innovations

We design graphics and briefings to inform groups representing patients and physicians about the value of medical technology. By sharing information and listening to their views, we earn support for expanding access to life-changing tools.

Promoting life-changing medical innovations

Advanced medical technology improves quality, lowers costs and enhances patients’ quality of life. We help patients and doctors learn about policies and regulations governing medical technology companies, and understand how these policies affect patients’ access to life-changing medical technologies.

We translate studies and data into captivating infographics and social media images that demonstrate the value of medical technology; create graphics that visualize complex regulatory processes; and produce captivating ads that highlight patient stories.

We’ve built strong relationships with critical stakeholder organizations, securing their support to ensure that regulations enhance patient safety without unduly hindering patient access to new technologies. Each year, we rally hundreds of stakeholders to attend events and briefings and show their support through joint letters to regulators and legislators.


Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)