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Introducing ‘Stay Safe’ Rules for Children

Teaching kids the skills to protect themselves from sexual or physical abuse is powerful. We developed a comprehensive campaign around a new video series featuring ‘stay safe’ rules.

The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation created a first-of-its-kind video series aimed at children called the Protect Yourself Rules. The videos offered children easy-to-remember rules to protect against abusive situations. McCabe Message Partners developed a comprehensive plan informed focus groups with children, stakeholder outreach to gain buy-in, and media relations to raise awareness of the videos.

We identified more than 800 key stakeholders from education, child advocacy, after-school activity organizations and media to disseminate the videos. We secured endorsements from the YMCA, Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America), and the National Rural Health Association. Following the launch, the website received thousands of video downloads from educators and stakeholders across the country—resulting in downloads in all 50 states just one month after launch.

We also developed a wildly successful Facebook ad campaign that resulted in nearly 2 million impressions during National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation