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Increasing communications capacity for nonprofits

Over the past three years, we’ve coached 39 grantee organizations—and worked with nine funders—to develop strategic communication plans and increase capacity. The result? 100 percent of grantees report finding the program extremely/very useful.

Increasing communications capacity for nonprofits

Many nonprofits say it’s easier to win large grants to launch major campaigns than to receive modest funds to increase basic communications capacity. The result is that nonprofit organizations struggle to improve skills and plan strategically. That’s why a group of philanthropies hired us to develop a program to increase their grantees’ ability to plan and implement strategic communications.

Our team developed a customized training program that includes assessing grantee skills; leading an in-person bootcamp where attendees craft their own communications plans; leading a series of skill-building webinars; and providing six months of one-on-one coaching to each grantee.

Grantees and funders rave about the experience. Every participant to date has evaluated the program as extremely/very useful. Funders say it has underscored “the power of strategic communications” for effective grant-making.


North Carolina Network of Grantmakers