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Improving transitions from hospital to home

We highlighted the need for a patient-centered approach when discharging people from the hospital. More than 3,500 people participated in a cornerstone event, 750 media stories resulted and more than 30,000 viewers watched an educational video.

Improving transitions from hospital to home

One in three older patients returns to the hospital within 30 days of discharge—a clear sign that transitions aren’t seamless. The Care about Your Care campaign engaged consumers and clinicians in sharing what works to ensure care transitions are centered on patient needs.

The campaign had many parts: We commissioned original research documenting the problem; asked clinicians to submit short videos showing how they’ve improved transitions; developed resources for patients and caregivers; prepared a continuing education program for physicians and nurses; and planned an in-person and webcast event for clinicians, patients, stakeholders and policymakers, where video contest winners were featured.

Clinician teams submitted 120 videos to the contest; move than 325 thoughtleaders attended the in-person event; more than 3,200 people viewed the webcast; 750 original media stories were written; and a highlights video was viewed more than 30,000 times.


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