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Changing perceptions of America’s uninsured

Cover the Uninsured redefined the way Americans viewed being uninsured. We generated nearly 3 billion media impressions in support of stable, affordable health coverage—a small but significant part of efforts to spark health reform.

Changing perceptions of America’s uninsured

When we began working on the topic of uninsured Americans in 1999, people thought being uninsured meant not having car insurance. Our team embarked on a decade-long partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to raise awareness of the millions of Americans who lacked health insurance.

For the next nine years, we left no stone unturned as we created opportunities to discuss the plight of working-but-uninsured Americans in highly personal ways. The effort was the largest ongoing mobilization to promote stable, affordable coverage for all Americans—culminating in the development of national health reform.

Our efforts resulted in nearly 3 billion media impressions. Stories appeared in virtually all of the top 100 newspapers nationwide, and every network news program—plus the cover of Parade magazine, Reader’s Digest and hundreds more—even the comic strip ‘Rex Morgan, M.D’ covered the effort.


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