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Building a field for complex care

We helped launch the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs’ annual conference, which has grown to nearly 1,000 attendees from the burgeoning field of complex care

Just five percent of the population accounts for 50 percent of healthcare spending in the United States. The National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs aims to improve outcomes for patients with complex medical, psychological, and social needs by bringing together a range of clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and consumers who are developing, testing, and scaling new models of team-based, integrated care.

Its annual conference Putting Care at the Center draws attendees from across the country to learn and share strategies for improving complex care. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, McCabe Message Partners helped launch the annual conference by crafting innovative agendas, session formats, partnerships, materials, videos, and unique attendee experiences to create a dynamic and engaging gathering of the nascent field.

The conference has helped to build and energize a new field of complex care in communities across the country and continues to grow each year.


National Center for Complex Care