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Assessing public health preparedness

Is America’s public health system able to protect us? We sparked discussion about national health security preparedness and brought together stakeholders to address what the nation can do to be even more prepared.


How do we know how prepared our nation is to handle emergency health issues or maintain our national health security? The National Health Security Preparedness Index ( NHSPI ) is the nation’s best tool for assessing how prepared we are for health threats like natural disasters, epidemics or other health emergencies.

We helped prepare and release the 2016 Index as a decision-making tool that can be used by many to improve health security preparedness. We developed messages that highlight the need for national health security preparedness measurement and how it is a shared responsibility. We engaged stakeholders from the public health, preparedness, health care and government sectors to ensure a collaborative approach. Media tactics included an online presence for the Index, national and local media, and social media presence.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation