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Assessing perceptions of an organization’s brand

With government and private insurers increasingly paying healthcare providers based on performance, the need for reliable quality measures has never been higher. We conducted qualitative research to assess perceptions of the National Quality Forum’s strengths and challenges.

Assessing perceptions of an organizations brand | NQF

Amidst a transition to a new president/CEO and as an initial step toward informing a strategic planning process, we provided actionable insights about our client’s brand.

Assessing perceptions that internal and external stakeholders hold about an issue or organization is a specialty of our team. In this case, we conducted short, confidential telephone interviews with dozens of people reflective of the client’s core audiences. Our objective process uncovered insights into recognized strengths to leverage and core challenges to face.

We then use the insights to form actionable strategies to reinforce or reposition an organization’s brand. This generally includes developing refreshed messages and identifying tactics that speak to an organization’s strengths while addressing perceived challenges in transparent ways.

Our entire process for analyzing and acting upon perceptions is quick and economical. Clients always say the insights uncovered are invaluable.


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