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Bryan Fisher

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Bryan takes the long view.

Account Director

Bryan Fisher Account Director

Bryan Fisher believes every communications effort has an arc—opportunity, challenge and solution—and his job is to help clients understand the process, navigate the journey and produce stellar results.

He joined our team in 2015, having earlier helped lead Families USA’s communications effort throughout the debate and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Working with a leading national healthcare consumer group allowed him to develop dual expertise in understanding complicated health policies and breaking them down in actionable ways for consumers. He brings the same skills to our clients by offering strategic counsel, giving them a voice in a full range of public-facing documents, and wielding a creative touch as he advances their interests with journalists or policymakers.

Bryan graduated from the University of Minnesota where he studied Politics and Ancient Mediterranean History. In his spare time, he’s an ever-ready endurance athlete who knows the race has already started.

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