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Bridget Russell

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Bridget has a nose for numbers.

Financial Director

Bridget Russel Financial DirectorThe team’s ever-trusted accountant, Bridget Russell enjoys digging into the topics and people behind the checkbook as much as she enjoys balancing it.

Since starting to work with GYMR in 1998, Bridget has been a core member of the team. She also has been an instrumental force in preparing for the launch of McCabe Message Partners.

Bridget has extensive experience in the financial management of public relations firms, having previously worked in senior financial positions with The Capital Group and Porter Novelli. She is passionate about the issues on which the team works, and has the rare ability to make her mark on each and every project. She shares her vivacious personality, and makes accounting an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Bridget graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in Accounting. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, watching basketball, and growing the tomatoes which she supplies to the office.