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Brianna Gavio

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Brianna is unflappable.

Vice President

Brianna Gavio Account Director

Brianna Gavio is an account management whiz, she is skilled at both overseeing all the day-to-day details, as well as identifying long-term strategies for clients.

Named one of PR News’ 2017 Rising PR Stars 30 &  Under, Bri marries strong project management skills with a clear understanding of the issues affecting America’s health and healthcare system. Whether planning and executing a communications campaign, press briefing, or multi-day conference, she enjoys discerning and connecting how systems-level policies affect real people in communities.

Bri was hired by GYMR Public Relations in 2010 and currently leads efforts for McCabe Message Partners to use storytelling and data to demonstrate the seriousness of skin disease and importance of dermatology care. She works on efforts to transform the healthcare system, encourage stronger collaboration between patients and healthcare systems, and bridge the gap between healthcare and traditionally non-medical services that dramatically affect health. She also led our efforts to build relationships with consumer advocacy stakeholders for an association of medical device manufacturers.

Bri graduated with honors from Georgetown University with degrees in Marketing and Accounting. She loves planning, cooking and lingering over multi-course meals with family and friends, and often turns to Julia Child for culinary and life wisdom.

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