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Bethany Hardy

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Bethany is a problem solver.

Bethany Hardy

Vice President

Bethany Hardy works with organizations to diagnose their strategic challenges, identify solutions, and communicate clearly to achieve them. She counts among her greatest achievements leading communications campaigns that have spurred new laws supporting older youth in foster care; mobilized communities around access to life-saving medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS; and informed federal nutrition, housing, and energy policy supporting children’s health. 

With two decades of experience in public relations and strategic communications across sectors – including working at the National Academy of Medicine (formerly known as the Institute of Medicine), on Capitol Hill and on the presidential campaign trail, Bethany joined McCabe Message Partners in 2017.  She enjoys using her messaging, media relations and writing expertise to give a voice to marginalized populations – whether it’s youth, working families or people with complex health and social needs.

Bethany earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Wittenberg University.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, gardening, and cheering on the Washington Nationals.

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