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2017 Calendar - Washington DC Public Relation Firm
1024 1006 McCabe Message Partners

WASHINGTON, DC— McCabe Message Partners, a DC-based public relations agency focused on health and the issues that affect it, kicked off the new year by announcing several new clients. The nonpartisan firm launched in June 2016, led by agency veteran Patrick…

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Washington DC Public Relation Health Firm
McCabe Message Partners Announces New Clients, Staff
1024 768 McCabe Message Partners

WASHINGTON, DC—  McCabe Message Partners, a DC-based public relations agency focused on health and the issues that affect it, announced today that it has worked with more than 40 clients and signed more than 60 contracts since opening its doors…

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All I know About PR, I learned From Hamilton
All I Know About PR, I Learned From Hamilton
1024 683 McCabe Message Partners

By Jennifer Chu Last year, I saw the now-impossible-to-even-get-near-the-theater smash Broadway musical, Hamilton. I don’t say it to brag (ok, maybe a little? I paid face value!). I saw it during a time of professional transition. After 15 years working…

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In union there is strength
5 Ingredients For A Strong Communications Plan
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by Mike Warner We all know that strategic communications planning is not a one-size-fits–all-process. After more than 16 years of working with organizations of all sizes and budgets, though, some common themes have emerged. I strongly believe every organization needs…

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Sarah Schmidt
500 653 McCabe Message Partners

Sarah finds opportunities.

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Andrew Silva
500 534 McCabe Message Partners

Andrew has a plan. 

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Gwendolyn Tom
682 1024 McCabe Message Partners

Gwendolyn thrives helping others.

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Melissa McGue
683 1024 McCabe Message Partners

Melissa finds answers.

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Rachel Griffith
683 1024 McCabe Message Partners

Rachel gets the job done.

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Washington DC PR firm
50 is the New 32
400 412 McCabe Message Partners

by Patrick McCabe Several weeks ago I walked in the woods near my house. There is a stream where I listen to water washing over stones. It was a spring day and the forest was still waking up from winter.…

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